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they never brought flowers

--for my sons


she was never the princess     never could be
though that's what she was called
born into a house     that wanted sons
she learned to be one     look like one
play male games     became one of the boys
the gang leader
she became the friend     confidant
through all the growing years
she longed
wanted the soft things
but grew to hate    dolls and prom queens


was not hers
instead she accepted     a facade
divorced feeling from feeling
existed in the shadows
of men's needs
long-time companions     of lovers who learned
to give
flowers and rings     the soft thins she desired
to others


the mother hovered in the doorway
the child clinging to another     her
sobs born of pain
too long held within     child of her soul
she understood
loved him as he was     shared
and expected no more
he stayed
slept on chairs     floors


flowers appeared     roses from the garden
fresh each day     an offering
all she had ever desired

The roses Lewis brought

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