Rash's Poetry House

Candles Shimmered in the Darkened Room

With him she reached
only hinted
only a dream
of passion --
of desire --
forever unattainable
the myth that never
comes true --
a willingness to serve
his needs
wanting his pleasure
more than her own
and in return
fulfill hers

Her skin burned
in the afterglow
of his attentions,
a warm tingling --
lulling her to unwillingness
to leave the space
in which she found
the one sought so long --
and she feared
lest in the telling
she might lose
all she had desired

There are no happy-
ever-afters, but she
this one

It was not logical --

It was a dream of a prince
in a foreign land

It was a night
when candles
in a darkened room
and the afterglow
a lifetime


Candles lit in the darkened room
Candles shimmering to light a dark room

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